HSC Business Studies

HSC Economics

Alex Malley. Former Chief Executive CPA Australia Ltd

To students – read and follow this book carefully - it shares years of experience and passion that has helped many thousands of pupils on their way to outstanding careers. It will help you learn, focus, plan and succeed. Don’t waste the opportunity as I did.

To parents – our greatest joy is to see our children reach their potential – this guide will help them on their way to do that. Ian Moore and his long-standing works can be relied upon and trusted – he wants your children to be everything that you and they wish to be. Teachers are such an extraordinary resource for the community. When they maintain passion for over 40 years, remain unstinting about their students' welfare and constantly drive you nuts talking about them you know you have met the consummate educator – his name is Ian Moore. I wish every user of this fine publication a life bigger than that they can envisage now – so you better read it!